Anton Bruckner university for music, Linz Austria

Anton Bruckner university for music and dance arts in Linz Austria

Through its curved shape the New Anton Bruckner Private University is seen as a place for music, dance and acting- even from the ouside. Like a sculpture, the organically shaped building is placed in the park, incircled by 365 bright vertical lamellae who create associations with music and seem to merge the building with the sourrounding trees. A large outside staircase with seating steps allows future ouside-concerts. Inside, a light-flooded curved air-space runs like a river through the building, connecting all levels.

The flowingly, moved inner with its diverse visual relationsships and views, benefits communication and creativity. The New Anton Bruckner Private university is a 3- leveled organically shaped building with two underground levels. Teaching rooms for about 850 students and 220 teachers are locatetd on every level, plus four event halls for 600 visitors on the groundfloor. The underground car park on the first basement floor provides 131 spaces.

The University provides 100 teaching – and lecture – rooms, six ensemble-rooms and ten teaching-halls for Acting, Dance Arts and Elementary Music Pedagogy. The four Eventhalls include a big Concert Hall, an Organ and Chamber Music Hall, a studio for productions form the genres Drama and Dance Arts and a studio for Computermusic and Electronically Emplified Music. Moreover, the building contains 45 offices, a public Café/Restauramt and a 800m2 comprehensive library.


Project Details

Anton Bruckner University Linz
Date  2015
Architect: Architekturbüro 1
Contractor:  BEG Bruckner university construction and operating company, Linz
Start: 2008

Primary Solo

Stripped to the essence, PRIMARY is the first in a line that deserves to be called a Quinze & Milan classic. PRIMARY collection kicked off the use of QM FOAM™,  a proprietary material developed and produced by Quinze & Milan.

  • 46cm / 18,1″ wide
  • 95cm / 37,4″ deep
  • 78,5cm / 30,9″ high
  • 40cm / 15,7″ seat high

Solo is also available upholstered in leather and fabric.

Custom colors or sizes are available upon request.

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